They Weren’t Kidding (Saturn Vue)

I remember when Saturn was really pushing the whole “we use plastic body panels” thing on everyone by showing commercials of people hitting their cars with golf balls. It was a pretty effective way of proving to us that the cars were indeed made of plastic. You know what would have been equally effective, guys? A time lapse of a Saturn Vue being parked in an uncovered driveway in Phoenix for a couple months.

This poor thing is disintegrating! I mean, rust is no fun I’m sure (luckily, we don’t have to deal with it here) but what are you supposed to do when your car starts turning into cocaine? I honestly don’t know the answer to that one. Buy new body panels maybe? Actually, that might be kind of neat. You could scrounge up a bunch of body panels in different colors and end up with the soccer mom version of a Harlequin Jetta.

Here’s another shot that really showcases how bad the body is:

And here is an age progression I have done to show what I believe the damage will look like by the end of the summer:

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