Third Generation Camaro RS Convertible

I don’t really care for convertibles. Soft-top, hard-top or anything in between. I guess my one exception might be the 1995 Mustang Hardtop, but that’s still not very practical. After riding in one all day, it feels like a day spent at Lake Pleasant in a boat. I guess Phoenix just wasn’t designed for convertibles. All that aside, I love every single third generation Camaro, and with the exception of the “notchback” and the swoopy, 91-92 body treatment, I love every third generation Firebird as well.

So when I saw this 5.0L TBI Camaro RS Convertible, looking all pretty and nearly brand new, I couldn’t help but want to snap a picture of it at the stop light. Even minus the very attractive rear hatch glass, this car has a look that just means business. I understand and have stated before that these boxy GM sportscars have poor “curb appeal” to most people. What I mean by that is that it’s seen as a trashy, trailer park car. And I’ve seen quite a few with no wheels or hood sitting on cinder blocks in a trailer park before. To me, it doesn’t take away from this cars clean body lines and superior handling and aerodynamics compared to other cars for it’s time.

Optioned correctly, the 1984 Firebird was able to reach an insane drag coefficient of 0.29! For comparison, the same figured is achieved today by the Toyota Pruis and C5 Corvette. Even our own knuckled-headed Governor Evan Mecham had his Mecham Racing design a specific performance-oriented Firebird for 1983 and 1984.