Volkswagen (Old) New Beetle Baja


I spotted this on Saturday while I was driving around in Glendale. I’m not sure what this guy’s plan is really, but I like it. He saw me just as I took the picture but luckily I was driving the Jeep and when I gave him a thumbs up he just waved at me instead of telling me to get lost.

The thing I like about this car isn’t really the fact that it’s a New Beetle- I’m sure there are some other ones out there with mud-terrains on them. I like the fact that it’s so low key. It doesn’t have a huge lift or fender flares, or a stinger poking out the back of it.

It’s just got a light bar and some decent tires. That’s really all you need for simply hauling ass out in the desert. And for me that will never get old.

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