W140 S600


Okay, lets get this out of the way: I’m totally going to forgive those lame-ass tail lights for the sake of one of the baddest German cars to have ever existed. What you see here is 389hp DOHC 6.0L v12 S600 sedan. Aesthetically, Mercedes Benz has yet to best this design as far as I’m concerned. The W140 is the pinnacle of the subtle design language of luxury cars during the 1990s (see also: E36, XF10). Today’s luxury cars being the antithesis of this with very overwrought features and an I-bought-this-with-my-decent-credit-solely-to-impress-you attitude.

The W140 sedan to me is like a modern version of the 409-powered third generation Impala. A stately exterior that hides it’s malicious intentions.