Where the Hell Have I Been?

Do you remember ever being so sick when you were a kid that you had to miss an extended time from school? Like more than three days. Or perhaps you were like I was in school and were simply asked to please not to come back for said period? That’s what it feels like for me right now.

Unfortunately my daily driver, a 1996 Chevrolet C2500 pick-up (you may have heard me refer to once or twice) decided to have a severe intake manifold leak. Severe enough that it likes to idle at about 4,000 RPMs while in park. Thankfully this happened to coincide with me buying my significant other a new car. She’s happy with it, as am I.

So let’s start with the properly running vehicle. It’s the 1998 Grand Cherokee above, parked next to Mike’s 1996 Cherokee. Keep in mind that I bought this thing as an inexpensive, durable, child-hauling vehicle. Unlike my cohort and fellow editor, Mike, the only time this Jeep is going to see off-road time is when it accidentally crosses into the decorative rocks beside my driveway. Because of that, I had no qualms purchasing a “less-desirable” 2WD model.

Unfortunately for you performance junkies, it’s not equipped with either optional V8s, but instead has the 4.0L L6 HO. It has a factory header and it just sounds awesome at full tilt. It may not be a V8, but I love this motor.

So where does this leave my truck? As of right now, I just purchased a take-out roller cam from a 95/96 LT1 f-body from Trans Am Creations. I should be checking out a 5.7L Vortec this weekend. Hopefully in the coming weeks I can share with you a quick and dirty motor swap that changes out a 235hp 5.0L for a 285hp 5.7L. You can bet your butt there’ll be a new “Floor it From a Stop” on our youtube page after I get everything running.

Until then, I’m back here to resume my usual duties of providing you articles on cars that you never knew you liked.