It’s got to be the most ridiculous trend yet.

“Hey man, I want, like, a picture of my truck on my truck.”

Of course, the other tasteless stuff is still there, like the clear tail lights, the running boards, the roll pan that makes no sense with the ground effects, the uneven exhaust, the torn canvas tonneau cover with something written on it for people to see with google earth, the chrome diff cover, and the lightning bolt rear window tint.What really sets it off though, is that little mural on the back. It’s not just a painting of his truck back there, it’s his truck in the middle of a fucking situation. Notice how gracefully his truck streaks through the water in reverse, away from the giant flying snow crab during the storm at the end of the world with the part of space coming down to earth. Breathtaking.Also noteworthy is the fact that on the painting of his truck, he clearly has some sort of plastic fairing behind the cab, while his real-life truck does not. Is this a tribute to a previous modification, or a sign of things to come?

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