Yo Dawg – Round 2

I’m sorry I didn’t come up a punch line for this one. Actually, now that I think about it, I guess this truck IS the punchline.

I saw it on my way home from work and had to turn around for another look. The dog doesn’t seem to be strapped down, leaving me to wonder if this guy was transporting it somewhere or if it was permanently¬†attached to the truck. But where could he be delivering it? If it were a golf cart-sized pit bull instead of an English bulldog, I’d assume he was taking it to DMX’s house, but I don’t know who would be taking delivery of this particular breed of dog.

I’m starting to realize that people up in Cave Creek do¬†bizarre things with their cars all the time just like their counterparts a little further south in the city, they just do them in cars with nicer paint.

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