You Must Be Joking – Airbrushed Yamaha R1

“Oh dear God!” The words fell out of my mouth and on to the pavement as I walked past this atrocity in the parking lot of a local restaurant. Here we have a Yamaha R1 sport bike which combines two of my least favorite things: motorcycles and the new “Dark Knight” movies.

The bike’s body panels are custom painted with the Joker from the “Dark Knight” movie series. From the embroidered seat to the color-matched wheels, they really went all out on this thing. This bike is the very definition of “tasteless.”

After seeing this absurd motorcycle, I went home and searched online to see if I could find anything about it. I tried all manner of searches including “joker motorcycle” and “dark knight airbrushed motorcycle” and “Yamaha R1 dark knight.” Well, I didn’t find any photos or information about this particular bike. I was however, shocked and horrified to find that there are other motorcycles out there like this one! In fact, there are several of them.

I can’t fathom why someone would want to do this to their motorcycle, but apparently there are a handful of “Joker” bikes out there. I wish they were just joking, but the worst part is that they’re serious about it.