Barrett-Jackson 2017: Is It Hard To Tell Where Our Loyalties Lie? (1986 Pontiac Grand Prix 2+2)

1986-Pontiac-Grand-Prix-2-plus-2 (9)Classic cars are easily the closest thing we’ll ever have to a time machine. Step inside of any restored (or simply not beat to shit) car of yesteryear and you’re instantly transported to another time.. completely surrounded by the smells, sounds, and styles. Keeping that in mind.. visit any car show in the country and you will immediately spot the restored 1950’s and 60’s classics surrounded by the senior crowd (60+). You see, nostalgia is a hell of a thing, and sadly in another 20 years there will be a pretty steep drop in those classics cruising the roads and shows. Everyone reliving the good ol’ days either be buried in their car or forced to watch it slowly return to its original unrestored self from the constraints or their lazy boy. That fancy Belair will soon look just as it did the day it was dragged home for restoration in 1992..

1986-Pontiac-Grand-Prix-2-plus-2 (16)It’s a cycle that repeats so lets skip a bit.. If you grew up a few decades later you were surrounded by 80’s shitboxes and whatever was still lingering about the streets from the malaise era. To most, this was the worst time for cars. The 80’s were all about economy and downsizing, all new models would be designed with a straight edge and a ruler. These cars were known to be electrical nightmares with poor build quality and awful performance.. Well, you see, nostalgia is a hell of a thing and I love the style of cars from the 80’s. American cars, Japanese cars, even exotic cars.. and I more or less despise exotic cars in general so that’s saying a lot. I wish I could say my thoughts about these often wedge shaped wonders are completely independent of my age but I can’t. I’m just kind locked in, like the Bel Air crowd.

1986-Pontiac-Grand-Prix-2-plus-2 (11)So here I am, (probably) over appreciating this 1986 Grand Prix 2+2. You know, the G-Body with a bit of glass bolted to the back with the only purpose of decreasing drag for NASCAR, plus a trunk opening that can only fit the smallest of bodies (head first). How could anyone love such an ugly machine?  This car is basically the typical ugly girl in teen movies, but when she puts her hair down and removes the glasses she’s still ugly and you feel kind of bad that she even tried or thought that would matter.  Only you don’t care because her fucked up quirks and features are what attracted you to begin with.

1986-Pontiac-Grand-Prix-2-plus-2 (15)I walked the Scottsdale Barrett-Jackson auction/car show several times (not an easy task, there is a lot of space to cover) last month and this was the car that most grabbed my attention. The ever growing presence of fox body Mustangs and 3rd gen Camaros at the show gave me hope that era won’t be completely forgotten.  I can’t wait until more of these obscure 80’s-mobiles start filing their way through the auction block.