Volkswagen Beetle with Chevy V8 Swap

As one of the most iconic cars in history, the Volkswagen Beetle and its air-cooled engine are revered around the world for its utter simplicity. These cars are small, efficient, and easy to work on. But when it comes to power and acceleration, they are severely lacking.

This enterprising car owner took it upon himself to do something about it. What he’s done is removed the original flat-four engine in the back of the car and replaced it with a big American V8 in the front! From my eye, it looks to be a small block Chevy motor – probably a 305 or 350.

Seriously, who hasn’t dreamed about doing this? A big motor in a small and light car makes for the perfect recipe of fun and driving excitement. But this car is about more than just going fast, as the pictures show. It also looks quite good!

Someone took their time in making wider fender flares for the rear wheel wells, and in redoing the interior with a nice set of gauges. The radiator and cooling fan have been relocated to the rear of the car in the former engine compartment.

Cargo space is limited and having that big engine up front probably throws off the weight distribution of the little car considerably. Practicality aside, this is one badass little Bug!