SEMA 2015: 1965 Dodge Dart SL by Big Oak Garage

1965-dart-sl-profileHot Rodding may have begun in southern California, but the guys at Big Oak Garage in Hokes Bluff, Alabama have certainly perfected the craft. They have given the “Big Oak” treatment to this 1965 Dodge Dart, which I saw on display at the 2015 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

The car’s bright green and chrome look caught my attention right away! The color is actually a stock Mopar color called “Green With Envy,” which I thought was very cool. You don’t see too many of these cars around, especially at a show like SEMA which is dominated by pro-touring Camaro and Mustang builds. The Dart stands out, and in a good way.

The heart of the beast is a Gen2 HEMI V8 that was originally a 350cid motor and was then bored and stroked to a 392. A Magnuson supercharger provides a real kick, and the whole thing is hooked up to a Tremec 6-speed manual gearbox.1965-dart-sl-engineThe interior is all custom, from the dashboard to the one-off Classic Instruments gauges. It looks like a modern car inside!

The big thing with this car is the body work. There was a tremendous amount of cutting, welding, poking, and prodding at the sheet metal of this car to make it look the way it does. The front and rear bumpers and panels are all hand-fabricated. There are over 110 body modifications and 42 one-off machined components on this car!

It was voted a Great 8 Finalist for the Ridler award at the 2015 Detroit Autorama, which is a tremendous nomination! What an honor for the guys at Big Oak Garage! We hope to see more of their work at SEMA and other shows in the future.

1965-dart-sl-interiorEngine and Driveline
Gen2 HEMI V8 bored and stroked to 392cid
Magnuson Supercharger
TKO 6060 Tremec 6-speed
Machined Brackets and Pulleys

Suspension, Wheel, and Brake
RideTech Coilovers
Schott SL65 One-Off Wheels 18×8″ (front) and 19×12″ (rear)
Custom Rear Wheel Tubs

Body and Exterior
“Green With Envy” Paint Color
Nissan GT-R Door Handles
Front wheel well openings moved forward 4″
Wedge cut roof
Wheelbase stretched 2 inches
Shortened Decklid
Custom rear taillight panel
Backup camera
Custom Headlights with integrated turn signals and LED running lights

Classic Instruments One-Off Gauges
Custom Seats
Handmade dashboard

Ridler Great 8 Finalist – Detroit Autorama 2015