1965 Mustang ‘Sparkey’ Electric Conversion

There’s no doubt that the roads of the future will include many types of automobiles including gas, diesel, hybrid, electric, and alternate fuel vehicles. But I have to question the wisdom of bringing an electric-powered muscle car to SEMA. Most of the guys walking the show floor still haven’t embraced automatic transmissions or EFI – and I think that getting them to ditch gasoline altogether is going to be a very hard sell.

Still, I’ve gotta hand it to Larry Gareffa for getting his car out there. I saw his 1965 Mustang “Sparkey” on display at the Covercraft booth at SEMA 2013.

Larry is president of the Mustang and Classic Ford Club in Las Vegas. What he’s done is converted his ’65 Stang to 100% electric power. Larry’s car is different from a mass-produced car like a Nissan Leaf or Tesla Model S because it wasn’t built in a factory – it was converted by the owner. I think that’s pretty cool.

Under the hood is a Motenergy ME1002 electric motor rated at 144 volts and 205 amps. At 4,600 rpm it puts down about 35 horsepower and 40 lb-ft of torque. In the trunk are a dozen Odyssey batteries coupled to a Kelly 600 amp motor controller.

The range of the vehicle, as well as the build cost, were not mentioned. Still, I think homemade EVs are rad and this project really stands out as something different, especially at SEMA!