1982-1986 Toyota Supra Mark II

The 1980s were a gold rush of Japanese sports cars making their way to the United States. Manufacturers were importing cars such as the 280ZX and 300ZX from Nissan, the RX-7 from Mazda, the Mitsubishi Starion, the Isuzu Impulse, and the Subaru XT. Perhaps one of the most memorable Japanese cars of the decade was the Toyota Supra.

This two-seater sports coupe is pretty much a direct descendant of the Toyota 2000GT I covered recently. It has an inline-6 cylinder engine, rear wheel drive, and a long, sloping front with a hatchback roof. Toyota produced the second generation (or Mark II) from 1982 through 1986. They were badged as “Celica Supra” at the time, becoming just “Supra” in 1986 with the introduction of the Mark III Supra.

I came across this car in a parking lot in Mesa, Arizona. It is remarkably clean for its age and looks well taken care of. I believe this one is an ’84 or an ’85 because it has the large SUPRA script across the back but does not have the 3rd brakelight which became standard in 1986. It is also notable for its lack of a spoiler, which was available in one-piece or two-piece versions depending on the model year.

Toyota brought the Supra to America in two different versions: the Performance type (P-type) and the Luxury type (L-type). They have some minor differences between them, but the most obvious sign that this particular Supra is a P-type is its wide fiberglass fender flares.

I’m not into anime or drifting or JDM culture, but I can appreciate this well-maintained sports car that gave the competition a run for its money. The styling of the Mark II Supra has aged well, and it doesn’t look as bad as other cars from its decade.

These cars already hold their value pretty well, but I predict that they will go on to be highly desirable in the collector market in the not-too-distant future.