1989 Pontiac TTA

We all know about the GNX’s, T-type Buicks and Grand Nationals. They “brake for Corvettes”, right? The 3.8L Buick mill is a well known OHV V6, that starting in the 1980s, decided to pack heat wherever it went. Well, what you may not know (unless you’re a third generation f-body or Buick T-type buff) is that in 1989 you could have yourself a turbocharged 3.8L Buick-powered Pontiac Trans Am.

Rated at 250hp (though often considered underrated for many reasons) it trumped even the 1989 Corvettes rating of 245hp with it’s aluminum-headed, Tuned Port Injection 5.7L V8. (I imagine Corvette engineers let this slide because they knew the ZR-1 would be out for the next model year to deliver a fine ass whipping on any Buick mill around.)

This particular example was seen at Barrett-Jackson 2013 in Scottsdale and despite being a salvaged title, still went for $16,500. If that’s not a testament to their rarity, I don’t know what is. Can you name any other cars made for 1989 that could break five digits at auction with a salvage title?