Ballin’ on a Budget: Bentley Continental GTC Replica

chrysler-bentley-profileThe name Bentley carries with it a certain prestige for luxury and craftsmanship. A Bentley owner is a person of power, wealth, and influence. But what if you cannot afford $212,500 for a car? Well, you can always do the next best thing: drive a replica.

I was quite intrigued with this car, which I spotted at Cars and Coffee. It looked like a 2006-present Bentley Continental GTC, but it was for sale for just $29,500. Even with a salvage title, a real Bentley would sell for more than that. What was the deal?

As it turns out, this is a replica, built on a Chrysler Sebring platform. I have to say that the fit and finish of the bodywork is uncommonly good for a replica! From the stitching on the seats to the wood-trimmed dashboard, it looks like the builder of this car took their time instead of just slapping a bunch of stuff together.

chrysler-bentley-interiorI didn’t get a chance to see it with the roof up, but with the top down, it does a remarkably good job of passing for a Bentley. Of course, a real Bentley comes equipped with a twin-turbo V8 or V12 engine whereas this car is built around an economical V6 engine (with no turbos).

What that means is that you can have the look of owning an exotic car without the expense of buying premium gas or paying higher insurance. Plus, you can still get your oil changed at Jiffy Lube!
chrysler-bentley-backseatWhile I wouldn’t want to own this car, I think it’s cool that someone has made such an interesting automotive curiosity.