Barrett-Jackson 2020 – 1985.5 Mustang SVO

This mid-year update to Ford’s turbocharged, four-cylinder Fox body brings the boost up to 15 psi, adds 35lbs injectors and an upgraded EEC among other modifications to bring the car from 175hp to 205hp. Equipped with a factory-installed Hurst shifter for the 5-speed manual model, ultimately multiplied by a 3.73:1 ring and pinion ratio. Paired with 16″ wheels over disc brakes at all four wheels, a Koni-designed suspension and comparatively lighter 2.3L inline four over the front K-member. That ensures this SVO isn’t just faster than the 5.0L model in a drag race, it also handles better in the turns.

The one you see here is painted in Medium Canyon Red Metallic and has only 23,000 miles. Showcased in the area of Barrett-Jackson that has cars for sale instead of at auction, it was priced at $24,900.