Barrett-Jackson 2020 – 1985 Porsche 928S Lot # 635

Upgrading from the previous years 4.7L v8, the 928S’s DOHC 5.0L V8 is good for 288hp, which is 88hp more than the 911 of the same year. With it’s more-favorable weight balance, the 928S could have laid the ground work for a new era of Porsche. The water-cooled, front-engine V8 coupe was just a little too extreme for Porsche purists in the mid-80s and it was a format porsche never explored again.

The Bosch Jetronic fuel injection and five speed manual raises the fun factor on this unique German sports car. As with the other water-cooled Porsches of this era, typical 928’s embody the saying about nothing being more expensive than a cheap Porsche. Thankfully at $18,150 and only 63,000 original miles it’s not cheap, and likely babied enough to have years of use ahead of it.