Barrett-Jackson 2020 – 1986 Camaro IROC-Z Lot # 149.1

1986 was a year of ups and downs for the IROC-Z. The 85mph speedometer has now been exchanged for a more sporting display reading up to 145mph. Last years 215hp  5.0L TPI motor recieved a severe camshaft downgrade and was now rated at 190hp for this model. With the cam change the redline on the tachometer was dialed back to a timid 4500 rpm, in stark contrast to the new speedometer. F41 suspension package was standard for the IROC-Z, but this model has a 2.73:1 peg leg rear behind the 700r4 automatic transmission.

The Daytona Yellow paint and gold trim on the wheels gives it a bit more bark to make up for the lack of bite, but as far as third-generation Camaros go this one sees itself in the middle of the pack of v8 models. It has an impressively low 23,368 miles on the odometer, and that’s likely the biggest reason why this car was able to reach $18,700 in auction.