Barrett-Jackson 2020 – 1990 Corvette ZR1

For a generation obsessed with Mk.4 Supras and R34 GT-Rs the American king of the hill is all but forgotten. Four inches wider and 200lbs heaver than the standard Corvette, it made up for the weight with it’s 375hp DOHC 5.7L V8, designed by Lotus and hand-assembled by Mercury Marine.

That power train improvement connected to the ZF 6 speed manual was good for an impressive 4.9 second 0-60 and 13.4 in the quarter mile. Lotus was also responsible for RPO-code FX3 suspension package with Bilstein parts shares more in common with a Porsche 959 than the Corvette’s pedestrian brethren. You can bet with Lotus assisting in the design of your flagship car, it will turn at least as well as it will accelerate.

With only 2,985 miles on the clock this car had a buy-it-now price of $35,000.