Racecar Replicas Superlite Coupe

racecar-replicas-superlite-coupe-frontThere are a lot of different reasons why people get into cars as a hobby. For some people, cars are a way to re-live their youth or to fulfill the dreams they always wanted. To others, cars are merely an investment to be bought and sold. A car can be a status symbol for attracting attention and showing others that you’ve “made it.” Still others get into cars because they love driving. And finally, there are those who get into cars because they love building them. This is a car for that last type of person – the do-it-yourself wrench-turner.

This car is a Superlite Coupe from Racecar Replicas in Fraser, Michigan. Unlike a Ferrari or Lamborghini, this car is not built on a production line in Italy. It is sold as a component vehicle (also known as a kit car) that you build yourself. Some assembly is required!

racecar-replicas-superlite-coupe-rearI ran into this completed RCR Superlite Coupe at Cars and Coffee in Scottsdale. It is powered by a 610 horsepower LS7 V8 engine with ported heads, custom headers, and a custom exhaust. All that power spins the rear wheels through a Ricardo transaxle with a Ford GT clutch and shifter combo.

The car has a fiberglass body built around a monocoque chassis that weighs just 2,400 lbs (1,088kg). This gives it an incredible power-to-weight ratio, and the mid-engine layout offers superior handling and weight balance. The car stays planted in the turns with QA1 adjustable coilovers and CCW wheels wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires. There are also Wilwood 6-piston disc brakes all around.

From the outside, the car bears a strong resemblance to the Saleen S7. However, it is not a track-day only machine. This car is road legal with lights, wipers, and a horn. It even has air conditioning and a heater!

racecar-replicas-superlite-coupe-engineA person considering this car would probably also be considering a Factory Five GTM Supercar or Rossion Q1. Let’s take a look at some numbers:

Base Price for Kit:
Factory Five GTM Supercar: $24,990
RCR Superlite Coupe: $43,995
Rossion Q1: $73,500

Of course, it’s not the price of the kit that matters, but the total cost to complete the car. Factory Five owners can put together a complete car for as little as $40 to $50,000. Rossion estimates the total cost to complete the Q1 at around $95,400.

This particular Superlite Coupe was well over $100k to build. It all depends on how crazy you want to get with the powertrain, how well you want the body prepped and painted, etc. There is a LOT of variation here.

In any case, these component-built vehicles offer performance that exceeds many Italian supercars at a fraction of the price!