There’s two of these motherfuckers.

I shit you not. There’s two of these things sitting in garages asking for princely sums of money. If you forgot (because I tend to post so infrequently) you can find the article HERE where I said you’d never see another of these again. Boy, was I wrong.

You can also find a bunch of old dudes disliking it’s striking similarity to their own 80’s Magnum PI mobiles right HERE. They’re probably bent out of shape because back in the day the Ferrari regularly got worked on by even the lowliest of small block chevy mills, like the crossfire 350 in this 1984 Corvette. I KID, I KID. But seriously, guys, yes the Stiletto is uglier than a Ferrari.

What makes this particular Stiletto interesting (other than the absolutely horrid aftermarket wheels) is the fact that instead being equipped with a crossfire 5.0L SBC like the previous one I talked about, this one appears to have the L69, if the dual snorkel air cleaner is to be believed.

It’s going to cost you though. The goofy aluminum wheels, extra miles on the odometer and a possibly additional 45hp (which somehow still leaves you below 200hp at the flywheel… yeesh) will set you back an additional $6k over the price the other Stiletto was originally at. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! That first one is now sitting at bargain-basement price of just $21,000! What a deal. Which puts this second Stiletto at a $10k mark-up. Cowabunga.

1/6 of the worst, most-expensive third generation Camaro population reside here in the Valley of the Sun. Let’s aim for getting all twelve of these on the Phoenix craigslist.