1964 Buick Special 2 Door Wagon

There is something magic about hot-rodded station wagons. They are the automotive equivalent of having your cake and eating it, too! What I mean is, you get the power and performance of a hot rod plus the storage space and practicality of an everyday car. There are no compromises to owning a souped-up wagon.

I ran into Tom Spressor’s 1964 Buick Special 2-door wagon at a car show in Scottsdale, AZ. Looking stunning in copper metallic paint, this wagon was a real eye-catcher. Buick never produced a 2-door wagon, so Tom actually welded the rear doors shut and blacked out the window trim to create his own, which I think is pretty cool.

Instead of doing the traditional Small Block Chevy swap, Tom chose to keep the original 225cid Buick V6 motor. It’s been upgraded with a reworked head and valvetrain and a custom cam from TA Performance. To top it all off, Tom swapped in a Tremec T5 manual transmission that he pulled from a 1990 Camaro at the junkyard.

This car has even been featured in Hot Rod Magazine’s “Homebuilt Heroes” section. This is a super cool ride and I am genuinely impressed at Tom’s level of dedication to his Buick.

Engine and Driveline
225cid Buick V6 engine
TA Performance Custom Cam
TA Performance Head and Valvetrain Work
Tremec T5 5-speed transmission

Suspension, Brake, and Wheels
Boyd Coddington 17″ wheels
Air Ride suspension

Body and Exterior
Rear doors welded shut