2014 Lamborghini 5-95 by Zagato

For half a century, Lamborghini has been making some of the wildest supercars on the road. But what if the entry level Gallardo is just a bit too pedestrian for your tastes? Well, the folks at Italian coachbuilder Zagato have got a solution for you!

It’s called the Zagato 5-95 and it features a custom body built atop the Gallardo chassis. Zagato has plans to produce just 5 of these cars; so far only 2 have been built. Imagine my surprise when I saw this car at Cars and Coffee in Scottsdale! One of only two in the world!

The design is a bit polarizing, to put it gently. Lamborghinis have had sharp, angular bodies since the Countach and are known for basically being fighter jets with wheels. With this car, the hard angles have been rounded and smoothed out to give the car a totally different look.

Call me old fashioned, but I prefer the hard-edged Lamborghinis that look as though they were designed with nothing but a ruler and a double shot of testosterone. While this car is very rare and very expensive, I just don’t think it is all that good-looking.