1986 Zimmer Golden Spirit Neoclassic Car

zimmer-golden-spirit-frontHaving written about nearly every other type of neoclassic car, I was excited to see my first Zimmer at the 2015 Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction. Like other neoclassic cars, the Zimmer combines the reliability of a modern, fuel-injected powertrain with classic styling. The prominent waterfall grille, exposed headlamps, full-length running boards, and bustleback style rear end are all design characteristics of pre-war American cars.

While there have been many companies that produced cars in this style, Zimmer was one of the most successful. Founded in Florida, the company built over 1,500 cars during their peak years of 1978-1988.

zimmer-golden-spirit-rearAs is the case with so many boutique car companies, Zimmer declared bankruptcy in the late 1980s and was later purchased by a new owner in the mid-1990s. The new company continues to this day, building 10 to 20 high-end cars per year from their new headquarters in New York state.

This 1986 model is built on a Ford Mustang and features a 5.0L engine with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The Golden Spirit was Zimmer’s top of the line car, though they later introduced the less-expensive Quiksilver model based on the Pontiac Fiero. This car was in surprisingly good shape, and sold for a healthy $18,700 dollars at Barrett-Jackson’s 2015 Scottsdale auction.