Hot Rods of Barrett-Jackson 2015

Just take one look at the Barrett-Jackson catalog and you’ll notice that there are plenty of Mustangs, Thunderbirds, Camaros, Corvettes, Chevelles, and Impalas in lovingly restored condition. That’s great if you like mass-produced cars, but does little to tickle the fancy of hot rodders.

If you are of the “built not bought” mindset, you will appreciate the ingenuity of cobbling together a car from whatever parts can be sourced or scavenged. With that in mind, I present 3 awesome hot rods that I saw at Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2015.

1932 Ford Custom Roadster “Dicey Duce” – Lot #376.1
Sold for $25,300

bja-2015-dicey-duceThe Dicey Duce is exactly what you want in a period-correct hot rod! This 1932 Ford is powered by a Grancor Flathead V8 engine coupled to a Granatelli 3-speed manual gearbox. It has a Grancor intake manifold, MSD ignition, and an electric cooling fan. A few other upgrades make this nice to drive such as a rear coilover suspension, steel braided brake lines, and a dual exit exhaust system with muffler bypass outlets.

The interior features a white leather interior with period correct red diamond stitching that includes the door panels and trunk area. It has a Stewart Warner gauge cluster, Mooneyes shifter, and a 3-spoke steering wheel to complete that vintage look. The all steel body is finished in a matte red color and rides on classic “dog dish” wheels with whitewall tires.

1930 Ford Model A Custom Pickup – Lot #803
Sold for $107,800

bja-2015-model-a-pickup-hot-rodThis incredible truck was built in 2011 by Jason Graham Hot Rods in Portland, TN. It’s powered by a Cadillac 365-cid V8 engine with a 5-speed manual transmission and breathes through four 9 Super 7 carburetors. The whole car rides on a custom-made frame with ’35 Ford wishbones in the front and rear,  a Winters quick-change rear end, Lincoln drums and a Schroeder cowl steering box.

The body has been chopped 6″, the bed shortened 9″, and the 1934 Ford grille shortened 4″. The whole car stands less than 4 feet tall and rides on early Ford wheels with ’48 Ford caps and Firestone tires. The inside has a narrowed ’48 Ford dashboard with black leather and fabric interior. It’s painted in PPG Kingswood Grey from a ’49 Cadillac.

1934 Ford Custom “Jimmy Shine” Pickup – Lot #5004
Sold for $236,500

bja-2015-jimmy-shine-pickupThis 1934 Ford built by Jimmy Shine at So-Cal Speed Shop is known around the world. It has been featured in over 65 magazines, 8 TV shows, and the ZZ Top music video “I Gotsta Get Paid.” The all-steel body has a 5″ chopped cab and a 6″ channeled body with a ’40 Ford dash, hand-built bed with ’40 Ford pockets, Studebaker top rolls and a lowered tailgate. The interior consists of two real aircraft ejection seats and Ron Mangus stitched military canvas upholstery.

The engine is a 277cid H&H Flathead with Navarro heads and intake, and two Stromberg carburetors on top of a S.C.O.T. supercharger. The transmission is a ’39 Ford mated to a ’41 Ford differential on a heavily modified Henry Ford frame designed by Shine with solid front axle and wishbones. One of the most distinguishing features is the custom red wheels built by Shine at Boyd Coddington’s shop after hours. Each wheel took three donor wheels starting with ’32 Studebaker spoke centers, ’35 Ford bells and caps, then attached to custom hoops, and like the rest of this Hot Rod they are truly unique.