FFT: The Beginning

This truck was an 18th birthday present from my parents. It’s a 1965 Chevy C-10 LWB Fleetside. I finally have my own garage so I’ve begun to tear down now, nearing my 26th birthday. I’ve gotten quite a ways past the pictures you’ll see here, but in the interest of keeping my updates short and readable, I’ll start from the beginning.

The truck came with no interior to speak of, a smogger 350 (specs below) and an SM420 4 speed manual transmission. From what I can assess it was an original: 12 bolt, 3.90:1 rear Inline-6 with a 3-on-the-tree. Came in red with a white top and fleetside trim.

I’ve added the bench seat from a 67-72 2 ton bobtail (was a direct fit) and the interior chrome from a 1962 2 ton bobtail. The bench seat was covered in a blue “Mexican blanket”, although it’s actually in very good condition for weathering decades of the Arizona sun. Whoever had the truck before me cut half of the shift stick off the SM420, which makes it a bear to shift. They also happened to paint the whole truck in some godless flat black with EVH-striped flames theme. The interior carries the awful red and black theme as well.

Specs on the 350 Chevy:

  • 1974 date code 4-bolt 350
  •  Domed pistons of unknown volume
  • 76cc “991” casting heads with 1.72 in/ 1.5 ex valves
  • cam of unknown origin
  • generic block hugging full-length headers
  • Performer intake
  • Edlebrock Carb
  • Cheap stamped roller rockers

As you can see it’s a real disaster under the hood. The engine and transmission are going to go in favor of a ST-10 manual sourced from a 2nd gen F-body and a large cube (403ci+) Oldsmobile powerplant. Unfortunately these two pieces of the puzzle are the only ones I’m missing. Because of it’s Oldsmobile-sourced power train and current aesthetics, I’ve dubbed this project: The Futuramic Farm Truck. Stick around to see more posts until I get you up to speed with where we are now.