From Tactical to (Utterly Im)practical – Jeep Cherokee Desert Storm Edition

This bad boy is actually for sale on the Phoenix Craigslist right now for $6,200.

It’s really hard to take it seriously with all the weird pseudo-Hummer stuff all over it, but I’m sure it’s actually pretty capable off road and I kind of like the hood vent for some reason. I’d drive it.

Someone definitely spent a lot of time and money modifying this Jeep and I’m sure they won’t even come close to getting their money back (I don’t see this selling for anywhere near $6,200) so I kind of feel bad about that.

I’ve got to say, it was a little bit disappointing to learn that the seller doesn’t “just ram it through the trees.” That would be pretty badass actually.

My only question is what do you call this thing? An HJ?

The original ad text and gallery is below.

I have a 87 Jeep XJ 4×4 4.0 Engine with a rear axle from a 94 Jeep XJ. The engine was rebuilt 3 years ago including a valve job. It has a new alternator, all new sensors, U-joints, and new brakes. I have added some of the tan plastic interior back in since the pictures were taken. I have all of the back glass if you want it. I have a good clear title.

I take it off road several times a year but I don’t just ram it through the trees. 

It has the following mods:

Quick Disconnect Sway bar
Raised 8 inches
32″ Tires
Header Exhaust
Custom Rear Tire Carrier
Trailer Hitch and Pintle Hook
Removable doors (just open and lift up)
Cloth top and back
Safari rack with storage
Complete 3 panel Solar System (45 watts)
Step bars
Military Singars Antenna (great for CB)
Twin electric cooling fans
A/C (But it leaks)
Chopped fenders for clearance
Light bars: Top, Front, and Wheel well (Not currently Hooked up)
Military front end from a H1 Hummer
Custom front seats with Pals Webbing on back to attach pouches

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