Have You Driven A Mazda Lately? (Craigslist)

Sometime in the mid 80’s Ford chose to improvise rather than adapt or overcome. Instead of predicting the market shift or adapting while it was Ford sat around and watched the Japanese gobble up their cash. They decided that to beat the Japanese at their own game they would be the Japanese at their own game. Don’t worry, it doesn’t need to make sense. They hired Japanese automaker Mazda to design a small fuel sipping shitbox, and they paid Kia to build them. You may be wondering why it has a Spanish name? The answer is that other than being similar to “Fiesta” no one really knows or cares. But I do know that nothing screams party like 58 HP and 0-60 in 13.2 seconds. Nothing about the Festiva seems fun or exciting, thankfully it makes up for that by being interesting.

I’d drive one, but just one. I wouldn’t need, say, 9 of them..

If you want the jumbo version of someones burst Beanie Baby bubble there’s a fellow in Mesa who’s ready to Aspire for more and drop his horde, but only as a complete collection.

“I have been collecting these little gas savers for 5-6 years in hope that gas would reach $5 a gallon, and I would be RICH by selling these little 40mpg giants. I have 9 complete cars and 7 of them are runners and 2 parts cars. title on all them . I will sell parts till some one gives me $6500 for all of them. Call me, lets deal or trade, I do NOT want to sell just one. Except the mercury Capri that has a blown head gasket but runs and has minor damage as you see but I have all the parts needed and more for her, I also have another hard top, nothing wrong with either one. convertible top has never been put up, so I`m told its new. I need a grand for it, got about 1800 in it. I need to quit paying rent on this storage lot, if you leave me a message during the day I can call you back in the evening or the next day. Sorry I have to do this to weed out the scammers. thanks for reading my ad.”

Link: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/evl/cto/d/festivas-by-ford-in-88-93and/6450442789.html