(Self Proclaimed Superlative) First Roofless Caprice On 30’s

1987-chevrolet-caprice-box-30s-toplessCommon logic would tell you to avoid 30 inch wheels unless you are about to set down the Oregon Trail.. or possibly drive a yellow truck equipped with a ladder to the drivers seat and Caterpillar written on its side.  Well, this is not common logic, this is pure form over function.. Possibly at its finest.

Despite the fact that the work seems surprising well done and the car is super clean it seems to have no provisions for a snap on rag top or a clip on hard top.  It’s open to the elements 24/7, which is not an issue for anyone here.  However if I had as much money tied up on the interior of my car as this fellow seems to I would surely have a way to hide/protect my investment.

1987 Chevrolet Caprice Laudaulet Maybach Top on 30s
Maybach Landaulet Top Chevy on 30s