The Death Of Visability And The Age Of Driving Blind

1985-mercury-sable-rearAll modern cars seem to be burdened with the task of keeping their occupants safe at all costs.  Which is a good thing, because all modern cars are impossible to see out of.  High beltlines create a claustrophobic sitting-in-a-bathtub feeling, and impossibly huge C-pillars bring visibility to near zero.  To me this is a chicken and egg situation.  Is it better to drive a tank with its hatch shut or actually see what you are doing?

Thankfully this is only temporary.  Soon enough we will become completely babied by autonomous driving systems, lane departure warnings, the gentle whir of electric motors, and 5 cameras up our ass.

2016-jaguar-xj-rearWe can’t have usable wrap around windows anymore, so why fake it?  It looks bad, really bad.  Though, a few automakers seem to be going with more of an Alice Cooper style to give the illusion of a window like line running to the back.  Ugh

2016-infiniti-rx-sideRIP VISIBILITY