Third-Gen Mercury Capri Hardtop


I spotted this while I was trying to find a place to turn around after taking a wrong turn into a neighborhood.

Compared to the earlier Fox body Capris from the previous generation, these were kind of weak. These Capris were meant to be rival to the Mazda Miata, which is kind of funny since they were actually based on the Mazda 323. I’m not sure how Ford thought they were going be able to compete with a real sports car by building a car out of a much shittier car from the same company they were competing with.

The Capri really wasn’t  totally lame though. It was a available with a turbo at least, which was cool, even if it still didn’t put out anywhere near the power of the previous generation’s 5.0.

This particular Capri is cool because it has a hardtop on it, which is the first one I have ever seen in person. I snapped the photo as I was driving by, and it’s probably the worst photo ever to make it onto this site, with the rolling shutter effect from my phone camera going full force. I still thought it was a neat thing to see though, because it’s got to be one of the only ones around. Sadly, I wasn’t able to get a picture of the front of the car, but from what I could see, it had a nice big intercooler on it. Hopefully I’ll see it again and get some better shots sometime.

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