Burton Car: Citroen 2CV Kit Car

burton-car-rearKit cars are a particularly interesting niche of the automotive world, and we write about them often here on Generation High Output. At a local car show, I spotted a car that I’d never seen before – a Burton!

A quick Internet search revealed that Burton is an automobile manufacturer in the Netherlands. The company was founded in 1993 by Dimitri and Iwan Göbel – brothers with a shared passion for automobiles. Their main product is a two-seat, two-door roadster based on the Citroen 2CV. The 2CV is one of the most-produced cars of all time and is renowned and beloved for its utter simplicity and reliability.

burton-car-engineBurton’s kit replaces the Citroen body with swooping fenders that look more modern and more classic at the same time. The air-cooled engine is unmodified with the exception of a “Power Tube” which is essentially a cold-air intake. It is not a powerful engine, but performance is definitely increased by losing the roof, doors, and glass of the old Citroen body.

burton-car-interiorThe interior is a study in simplicity, with few gauges or accessories to distract the driver. This exemplifies the typically Dutch pragmatic approach to design – everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

These kits are surprisingly affordable, and start at about 4,300 Euros ($4,550 USD). They come with an assembly manual, though finding a donor vehicle may be a challenge here in the States. The company estimates that assembly takes around 100 hours and does not require a master mechanic to complete. I think it’s a neat little car, and something that you definitely don’t see every day!