Far From Home: American Cars In Iceland

I recently spent 9 days in Iceland, aside from the immediately shocking 70 degree temperature difference and foreign language on the walls it didn’t feel as foreign as I expected.. at least from inside the airport. As the rental car shuttle bus (a Mercedes with hubcaps) brought us around to our drop off location I spotted a parking lot filled entirely with cars that I had never seen before. This is when it hit me and really sunk in that I was far from home and things would be different.

After signing my life away to the rental company I was handed the keys to a Kia Cee’d, which I would say is more or less a Forte wagon (more about this in the future). I took a few minutes to adjust myself before heading out of the lot and onto a foreign road.  With strange road signs and unclear rules, it was a bit nerve racking to say the least. I pointed the car straight and after a couple roundabouts I had made my way to a relatively empty highway.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to get settled in to my new driving surroundings. Surprisingly I was almost immediately passed by a late model Cadillac Deville, which just so happened to be the only Cadillac car I saw the entire trip. I knew that they weren’t a regular import and that someone went out of their way to get it. I snapped a short video of it then decided to take pictures of similar cars or just cars that I wasn’t expecting to see there.

Their SUVs and trucks seem to be built with a priority for traveling across snowy or deep terrain. They all have high ground clearance and super fat tires with matching fenders, many have onboard tire inflation setups. Articulation and flex seem to be a low priority.

I saw very few older cars on the road but I did spot this 4 door Nova doing what old american cars are best at.  I would have asked the owner more questions beyond, ‘may I take some pictures?’ but I know what it’s like to be desperately pouring oil into an old car at the gas petrol station and having people bugging me about it.

Why someone decided to bring a V6 Mustang here is beyond me, but there it is.

I think I saw more Ford Excursions there in one week than I have in the past 5 years at home.  Their truck preference was definitely Ford over Chevy.  I would assume it’s because they are more familiar with the Ford brand? There were plenty of small Ford cars on the roads.

You can’t kill a 3800, I wouldn’t be surprised if this little Regal drove here from Florida.