Ham People Have No Shame (Antennas)

I recently attended the annual Dayton (Ohio) Hamfest and as you cam imagine the antennas were out in full force. Some are clearly up just to seem goofy or ridiculous, others are dead serious. Whatever the case may be the ham folk have no shame. Continue reading

SpaceShip Xterra

For Immediate Release
September 24, 2012 – In a press conference held earlier today at Kennedy Space Center, NASA officials announced the successful launch of their newest unmanned spacecraft, SpaceShip Xterra. Unlike most satellites which are sent to far off planets or celestial bodies, SpaceShip Xterra is on a terrestrial mission to monitor our own planet Earth.

Scientists reported that they had no trouble establishing a communication link with the satellite thanks to the giant fucking antenna mounted to its front bumper. The satellite is just beginning its surveying mission which is scheduled to last 3 years or 36,000 miles (whichever comes first).

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