Ham People Have No Shame (Antennas)

I recently attended the annual Dayton (Ohio) Hamfest and as you cam imagine the antennas were out in full force. Some are clearly up just to seem goofy or ridiculous, others are dead serious. Whatever the case may be the ham folk have no shame. Continue reading

Ted Nugent was staying at a local 3 star hotel

I don’t know a damn thing about bows and arrows, nor are off-road trucks my automotive niche. But something about this looked so wrong. I stared at this Chevy for a while thinking, “That looks like no Z71 logo i’ve ever seen.” Someone wants you to think that this is some factory off-road package, but it’s not.

It’s actually the logo for an advanced cam technology. Not camshafts for automobiles, mind you.. but for a bow and arrow! You’re looking at the logo for the Z7 cam technology for Matthews Inc. They make the kind of weapon The Motor City Madman himself uses to do whatever it is he does now that he’s all whacked out on politics and killing animals instead of deflowering youth and shredding on a guitar.

I’m inclined to believe that the owner of this truck (likely Uncle Ted himself as far as I’m concerned) really thought he was pulling a fast one on someone. It’s too much of a coincidence that it would reside in the same position as a Z71 logo, don’t you think?

If you’d like to retrofit your non-Z71 truck with one of these to fool all of your friends that don’t give a damn, you can pick one up here.