1961-65 Corvair Greenbrier Sportswagon (Corvair 95/Corvan)

You may recall my article a few days back regarding the Fiberfab GT40 kit car.  Well, as it turns out that off fenced off parking area also contained a Corvair Greenbrier Sportswagon.. just out of frame (surprise).  Whoever owns this land clearly has a thing for these cars, or just picked an odd vehicle for a donor motor (from which vehicle to which though?). Continue reading

Fiberfab Avenger GT/Valkyrie Kit Car (what remains)

A few weeks back I took a trip to California, naturally I was on the lookout for anything interesting or uncommon.  At some point I ended up walking through a small field of grass that had within it a little square area surrounded by a fence.  Inside was what appeared to be a very sad looking GT40 type mid engined kit car.

From what I have gathered this is either a Fiberfab Avenger GT or Valkyrie.  Unless there are subtle differences that I haven’t found a mention of the only real difference is towards the rear of the car where it is either a bit longer or shorter depending on the engine/donor setup.  The Avenger was the shorter of the two, designed for a Corvair or VW setup.  The longer Valkyrie model was setup for a larger V8 engine. Continue reading