Who Has Time To Wait For A New Ford Ranger? (1998 Saturn SW2 Pickup Truck)

1998 Saturn SW2 Wagon El Camino Front

Somehow this Saturn truck (by way of SW2 wagon) didn’t make an appearance at any of the big auctions out in Scottsdale this week..

Let’s get into some of the details here. The bedsides seem to be topped off with rain gutters screwed onto planks of wood and the double din stereo appears to have been installed with a similar┬álevel of precision and care. The whole thing is probably twice the rattle trap it was when stock, this is where the straight pipes come in to drone drown out the sound.

I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse, I’d drive the piss out of it.

NEEDS TO GO 1998 Saturn SW2 DOHC Ute **Truck** – $750

FIRE SALE!!! Need sold will include full system for 1000 OBO

It was a wagon!! But now it’s a fully functional truck/car(UTE). 1998 Saturn SW2 182k miles, Runs and drives great it’s my daily!! Real attention grabber everyone stares wondering WTF it is.

1.9L DOHC 4 cylinder
Great MPG Avg. 33
Automatic, very easy to drive
DDIN Radio w/Bluetooth
New Brake Master cylinder
Fresh Radiator flush
Fresh oil change
Heat works great
No overheating
Has 2 new tires plenty of tread
Currently has a huge system
*2 1100watt amps
*4 12″ subwoofers custom box
*3 JL Wx
*1 Boss CX12

Currently straight piped *loud*
Rattles quite a bit from truck conversion
Missing dash trim around radio
183k miles *still plenty of life*
No A/C *freon leak*
Valve cover gasket needs replaced *oil seepage*

Over all this a great vehicle with minor problems that would only take a couple hours to fix, I have been slowly repairing current issues but working 70+ hours a week limits my time with the car I drive it 15 miles one way every day with no issues and have taken it up north to Sedona without problem, I am purchasing a new car and no room at my apartment complex for a second vehicle so the “truck” has to go”

Link: https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/cto/5941646229.html