1989-91 Sterling 827 Vitesse Fastback (Acura Legend)

Back in the 1980’s Honda determined that if they were going to have a luxury division (Acura) they would need a ‘full size’ car to compete. With the midsized Accord as their only option for badge engineering they looked elsewhere. They ended up collaborating with the British company Rover. This resulted in two cars that were very similar, one for each company.

Rover sold theirs under the ‘Sterling Motor Company’ name as the 827 (fastback) and 825 (sedan). Honda sold theirs as the Acura Legend. Bother were essentially the same underneath and powered by a 2.5L Honda V6. The Legend was well received however the very similar Rover version was not. Unfortunately they decided to use some faulty electronics and a handful of other unreliable parts resulting in poor reviews. This lead to the demise of their Sterling division all together, which marked the end of Rover vehicles being sold in the United States.

There probably aren’t too many of these oddball cars around anymore, I just happened to spot this one at the grocery store the other day (armed with only my cell phone camera). Judging by the wheels on this car I will assume they use the same hubs as Legend and not some off the wall English nonsense

Luckily most of the mechanical parts are still available through Honda or at least at the junkyard.