2003 Crown Victoria Wagon Concept

When Ford bailed on the Country Squire wagon after 1991 they chose to replace it with nothing.  They assumed everyone would move to a minivan or an SUV.. or buy a Caprice.  Well, it’s been 22 years since then and there has yet to be a direct successor.  It was apparently a good call as there doesn’t seem to be too much interest in such a car, with Dodge cancelling the Magnum and Cadillac apparently ditching the CTS wagon.

There are however a few strange hack jobs and a super odd looking Taurus wagon raping a Crown Vic type cars rolling around though, so it must be important to some people.  For them I’ve created (based off of an old Ford press photo) what I think it would have looked like if they brought the wagons back with the 2003 update.

On second thought I should have used a Towncar or Maruader..