2 Slow, 2 Shitty

I really don’t even need to say anything about this car. It’s a pretty typical ricer. I’ll break down the features that really make this car what it is:

  • Shopping cart handle
This is useful when the car breaks down and needs to be pushed by giants to the Fry’s electronics parking lot and abandoned.
  • White rims
They can make any car look like a toy! It’s so cute!

  • Clear Taillights

The only conclusion I can draw on the clear taillights thing is that they help the car look like shit, which is what the owner is going for.

  • Vinyl Graphics

The graphics are there to announce to the whole world “My Mom was careless and dropped me on my head, right onto the tile in the kitchen when I was a baby!”

  • “Sponsor” Stickers

Alerts other drivers to the presence of the nearby retard.


Hello, and welcome to Tasteless Arizona! We will be doing our best to bring you the finest examples of bad planning, piss poor judgement, limited mechanical skills, and just plain shitty taste.

Until then, hang tight…