Breaking News: Ford and Tesla Merger, Mercury Revival

What? Were you expecting a witty satirical article?

I spent longer than I should have making this. It was originally going to be a tasteless grill swap but it turned into a combination of the the lowest tech car of its time and the most high tech car of its time that no doubt makes each car worse. Continue reading

1999 Mercury Grand Marquis Wagon (Colony Park)

1999_mercury_grand_marquis_colony_park_wagon-taurus-rearWe’ve all seen ‘photoshopped’ wagons that never existed and if you lurk the forums hard enough you might even find a real life aero body with a 2nd generation Taurus hatch bolted on. Continue reading

A (Mostly) Pictorial Guide To Auto Auctions


I was really at the auction to see what my old Crown Vic, which I sold about a year and  a half ago and then learned it had been abandoned by the new owners, was going to sell for at the auction. (That whole saga is going to be chronicled in a future article.)

This was the second auction I had ever been to, and the first where I wasn’t peaking over a fence to watch it, but I would imagine that my experience there was probably pretty typical of what you should expect to see at any auto auction you go to.

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